Philadelphia Homeless Build Their Own Hope

by Quinn McGarrigle In the past week in Philadelphia, a group of homeless people have begun building homes for themselves. They are determined to defend their new homes, and more than that, they are ready to take the fight to the city to make sure everyone has decent housing. An encampment of mostly tents andContinue reading “Philadelphia Homeless Build Their Own Hope”

Mask Off: Crisis & Struggle in the Pandemic

Originally posted on communists in situ: – Richard Hunsinger & Nathan Eisenberg give an in-depth analysis of the current crisis where economic breakdown, pandemic, and mass revolt collide into a historic conjuncture that will forever shape the trajectory of world events. June 2020. DOWNLOAD PDF We are running out of places to keep the…

#LineGoesDown Reading List

Readings in Marxist Political Economy and the Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall. Compiled by @titusandrgynous, @postcyborg, @sfnthk, @dailyremarx, @livediejoung, @dickophrenic Background Materials Marx’s Capital Capital, Volume I Capital, Volume II Capital, Volume III, Marx, essential reading for this specifically in Part 3, The Law of the Tendency of theContinue reading “#LineGoesDown Reading List”

Rising Ground, Falling Sky Part I: The Reproduction of Crisis

by postcyborg & MDL “We are at a stage in which crises are no longer a symptom of the rise of capitalism and not yet a symptom of its demise.” – Rosa Luxemburg, (1900) There is a joke regarding the overly-deterministic nature with which Marxists discuss capitalist crises that goes: “Marxists have accurately predicted seven ofContinue reading “Rising Ground, Falling Sky Part I: The Reproduction of Crisis”

From a Whisper to a Scream

What you see above you is a worker from the Seattle and King County Public Health Department painting the sign of an EconoLodge black. The motel here is serving as a quarantine site for patients found to have contracted coronavirus. It is likely that up to three patients will be staying here the night ofContinue reading “From a Whisper to a Scream”

Notes on Banking & Interest-Bearing Capital

Much is being reported of late regarding the present state of banks, as well as the monetary policies of the US Federal Reserve and other central banks throughout the world. This post is an effort to apply a Marxist lens to the ongoing activity of the liquidity injections, negative interest rates, and other tools ofContinue reading “Notes on Banking & Interest-Bearing Capital”

Holocaust Capitalism

This piece originally published in Cosmonaut on 08/21/2019 Today the left has come to a common acceptance that the detention centers in which migrants are incarcerated are concentration camps. Despite its truth, this claim has been reduced to a popular point of partisan contention in the spectacle of institutional political theater. While it is importantContinue reading “Holocaust Capitalism”